With a “Medico” Outlook – “Virus” is not just a Movie of Survival but it is also a Spur to Young Medicos!

A year ago a remote village called Perambra at Kozhikode district had witnessed the greatest viral attack ever seen in the history of Kerala – an outbreak of Nipah Virus a type of RNA virus; belongs to the genus of Henipavirus resulted in 17 deaths including-Sister Lini. Usually as a movie critic its my duty to write about each and every technical aspect but this time being a Medical student who studies at Manipal, this write up would also discuss the wave that have been given by this Ashiq Abu movie.

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Movie narrates the onset, outbreak of Nipah at Kozhikode district of Kerala from an young man named Zakkariah (Zakkariah Mohammed – Director of Sudani from Nigeria) and tells how from an index victim of infection a nosocomial infection could pass by and how the State government and officials controlled a disease which had no vaccinations and no particular treatment protocols.


As there are a cluster of known faces in the movie where each character had a significance, the director maintained to keep a discipline in arranging all of them in to the limelight. From the opening scenes itself, portraying hastiness in a Government medical college and how the House surgeons, PGs looks after the patients, treats them, make treatment strategies shown was undoubtedly zen percentile realistic. Casting each character was perfect. And that makes the movie win hearts.



As Muhsin’s Sudani was heartwarming as well as focused to the emotional aspects of the characters, primarily from the trailer we could only expect the isolation sequences but beyond that the script writers had a good attempt on including both emotional aspects of the patients, patient party, the doctors who treat them, nurses, their relatives along with remembering the risks in medical field. Beginning with a real happening, the writers had narrated the movie with some fiction that never ill treats this compassionate medical thriller which had a docu-fiction subject in it. While narrating the roots of trauma, the heart core part of the incident collecting blood samples from the suspected ones could have included.


Art and Cinematography

Narrating the situations occurred due to a zoonotic disease which made the lives strive hard for living, was well recreated by both the art as well as the Cinematographic department and they helped to maintain the pulse of the movie.


Editing & Vfx

Shaiju Sreedhar haven’t make one feel any lag or any drag for this 152 minutes duration movie and even managed to make the audience go through an emotional roller coasters and made to skip a heartbeat or evoked tears. Vfx done by Mindstein studios was satisfactory and didn’t make one feel any plasticity throughout the movie.

Original Background Score

Sometimes words even alone can’t express once feelings, which music could. Sushin Shyam after Fahad Fassil starer “Kumbalangi Nights” again strikes with Virus – that progresses as a chronological depiction of the threat faced by the people of Kozhikode and Malapuram districts. The musician had maintained the mode through out the movie.

Sound designs – Dubbing

The sound design done to this movie elevated the performance of each artist. Dubbing to Revathy even make us remember that this movie is a work of fiction.

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After years, Abu again exploited the talent of Rima Kallingal (who portrayed Sister Akhila), Sharraffuden, Asif Ali, Divya Gopinath, Poornima Indrajith remainded us that these actors were not used by the directors of this industry at its maximum. Parvathi, Kunchako Boban, Indrajith,Rahman, Sajitha Madathil, Sreenath Bhasi, Unnimaya, Madonna Sebastian, Basil Joseph, Sreekanth Menon made me remember the HODs, PGs, Proffesors, House surgeons and colleagues. Saubin Shahir was that awesome during the lasts minutes of the movie. Tovino Thomas, Revathy, Indrans had a great screen presence. Director Zakkariah made boggle as no one would expect the Director of “Sudani” to inact in a very natural way.

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Overall Verdict

As I am a Medico, who sees and hears hundreds of cases who would treat and start clinical practice very soon, I could say that this movie is a real inspiration to those who are like me. All people who are related to the Medical field in any means, medical aspirants are highly recommended to watch this movie. Also Requesting all common men over there to watch the movie this time since Nipah has been reported again in the state. It’s informative and inspiring.


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