Poignant Tale of a Survivor with her Bravery despite of Sensationalism: “Uyare” is much Bigger than your Expectations

After an eight month break Parvathy Thiruvoth – who had been massively abused in the social media is back in action with an acid survival story which is truly inspiring and uplifting plot which ask us to salute the makers.



Pallavi Raveendran (Parvathy Thiruvoth), a middle class girl dreams of being a pilot at the age of 14 and falls in love with Govind Balachandran (Asif Ali) who is a possessive and tantrumic who is actually in search of a job. While Pallavi gets admission in an aviation academy Govind shows his reluctance and hence forth Raveendran (Siddhique) asks his daughter whether her decision regarding Govind was right. Despite of all this she joins the course and however she manages to strike a balance between her dream and her love life until she was humiliated by Govind in front of her friends she thinks about dropping the relationship and further Govind takes revenge on her spontaneously. How Pallavi gets back being a strong willed women through sheer resilience is the actual crux of the movie.



The movie had a very slow opening but landed on a very crucial and powerful note. The director being a debutant never showed any amateurish treatment in his dream project; which even make the audience feel of being in a comfort zone. No shot was oddly composed, no shot was irrelevant. Each frame captured the physical and mental modulations of all the characters even a police who welcomes and smiles at Pallavi when she takes her first flight after joining the “Cloud Nine” airways. Each frame was showing and comparing the beauty and base of normal human instincts and points a question towards us that – is beauty all about being a human.


Each shot, each dialogue and each scene was that much relatable to a normal class girl who pursues any kind of dream and overwhelmingly, touches the heart when the sequences start showing the relationship between a father and a daughter. Sanjay and Bobby didn’t even try to give an extraordinary cliche climax which people expected but has definitely made the audience give a standing ovation for culturing each character; even gave inspiration to all acid attack survivors through their writing. No unnecessary characters were placed, no clue of predictable story line and no stereotypes are found.



Mukesh Muraleedharan had set a particular color pattern before and after the acid attack of the protagonist. If the major portion of the first half show the white color which denotes beauty; the cinematographer changed them to dark colors in the second half representing both the mental status and the physical appearance of Pallavi or any other survivor. His effort during the night shorts needs an applause.


Editing by Mahesh Narayanan was so good that the movie had a floating mode with out any flaw which gave an awesome experience to the audience. The pace given by his editing is one of white for the movie.

Prosthetic Makeup

The doctor who treated Pallavi mentions that she cannot do Grafting (a surgical method where removing of skin from one area of the body and moving it, or transplanting it, to a different area of the body) is not possible as the muscles are fully burnt. Considering this note the make up artists had made Parvathy  look exactly like a case of confluent burn. They really deserve an applause.



This department had done a very good job since even silence had too many things to speak in certain areas that words can’t. Mixing indeed was properly done.

Background Scores & Music

Both BGM and Music were done by Gopi Sunder and consists of 3 main tracks. Each original sound track had its own importance which had a complete blend on the plot which has been portrayed. The scores were the heart of the movie. Gopi Sunder had done a decent job here.


After Sameera from “Take off” Parvathy had made an emotional, intense and subtle performance throughout the movie. As a daughter , as a girlfriend and as an individual, her character tells a lot to women which can be easily delivered and related. Asif Ali had done well and won being an psycho cum irritable lover whose tantrums are un bearable. Anarkalis (Saaira) best performance so far and her improvement from “Anandam” has been notable. Tovino (Vishal)wins the heart special during climax sequences and Samyuktha Menon had a decent cameo appearance which was not at all irrelevant in remarking the character of Vishal (portrayed by Tovino Thomas). Siddhique really needs an appreciation for doing his role. The mental struggle of a father who do cares and loves his daughter had been well interpreted.

Overall verdict: If you are a man; must watch – if you are a woman, do watch it with your man. Must watch movie at theatres. Rating: 4/5. 

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