Love is Blind, But People are Not!!! “Yamandan Premakadha” simply Justifies the Title

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After a leap of one and half year that Dulqur Salman is back with a mass entertainer movie which is only meant for fans and family audiences. After Madhuraja by Ikka, people were actually waiting for Kunjikkas flick but this time Dulqur teamed up with Malayalams new age comedy script writers Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Bibin George who actually writes according to the pulse of the audience.


The film finds same pattern as that of Amar-Akbar-Anthony, Kattapanayile Hrithik Roshan and Pazhayabomb Kadha.

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Lallu (Dulquer Salman) – a handsome boy born to well educated and rich Adv. John Kombannayil (Renji Panicker), shows care and love to the poor and has the milk of human kindness become the most adorable personality among the low class youngsters denying his father’s order. He is surrounded by his ‘Chaverukal’ including Vicky Pedia (Soubin), Tenny (Vishnu Unnikrishnan), Panchikuttan (Salim Kumar). Girls are behind Lallu but he doesn’t gets any attraction or ‘spark’ towards any one and finally when his IT professional younger brother wants to get hitched; Lallu is actually bored off with the umpteen proposals and he is still in search of his soul mate. Finally John entrusts this seemingly difficult task to Lallu’s friends and the rest of the film deals with their pursuit.

Moral policing, posting rubbish in social media platform and sharing it without knowing the exact happenings are strictly criticised in the first half and marks the entry of the Villain but he doesn’t get any space through out film. Usage of the food comedies which the writers left behind Kattapana is again back in this movie. They could have improved the storyline but had managed it with performances and spontaneous dialogue delivery by the artists. Emotional sequences are well made in the film.


Through out the director made a normal movie feel; casting was aptly done and withholding the exact name of the character until the end was done wisely. Director needs an applause for using Suraj Venjarammood in a very good manner and even those sequences are emotional.


Editing by Johnkutty after Odiyan,was quite disappointing. Some sequences had a dragging and overdramatised feel which could be avoided. But overall the editor retained the pace of the movie.

Music & Background Score

Music was done by Nadhirsha himself and was good and has blended well with situations.

Background scores by Bijibal was good at the climax as well as the stunts before the climax but unfortunately, it didn’t work for the stunt sequences in the first half.


The film mostly had night sequences and frames set was good. The colour code used for the romantic track was too good.

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Dulquer had his comeback in this movie; Sustained his charm. Unfortunately, Samyuktha Menon had nothing to do with the character. Nikhila Vimal had done her part well. Salim Kumar, Saubin, Vishnu Unnikrishnan lead the protagonist and the movie. Renji Panicker, Arun Vargheese need an applause. The antagonist played by Bibin George and Dileesh Pothan needed much more space in the movie. Suraj Venjarammood only had three or four scenes but that was so good that it will make us say that he has not been used well by the Mollywood directors.

Overall Verdict

This movie overall has a cliche storyline bound with good performances and comedies. Surely it is one time watchable. Verdict is 3/5.

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