Madhuraraja : Megastar’s Machismo Delivers Euphoria For Fans

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While Witnessing the most celebrated events, this Vishu has so much of importance in Malayalam cinema that after a leap of 12 years; the big “M” s of Malayalam has marked their presence with mass entertainers of the year. For Mohanlal it was Lucifer but for Mamootty this time he cones back in formula with the sequel of Vyshakh’s very first movie “Pokkiriraja” which was one of the highest grossers then.

Unlike Pokkiriraja except the absence of “Surya” (Prithviraj), “Idivettu Sugunan” (Suraj Venjarammoodu), “Aswathy” (Shriya Sharan) and “Rugmini” (Bindu Panicker); the makers had retained the rest of the characters as such but apart of that Madhuraraja is a standby movie with new story and more characters.

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Direction – Story

After the great success of Mohanlal starer “Pulimurugan”, UdayaKrishna – Vyshakh teams up for a mass masala entertainer which again continues the story of Raja – the titular character – the funny don, who speaks unapologetically terrible English, problem creator and the survivor with out any change.


The story is now set up in an island called “Pampinthuruth” near Kochi which doesn’t even have a proper means of transportation or any other facilities. Opens with a backstory of “Vasanthi” (Anusree) and her sister Meenakshi (Mahima Nambiar) and comes back to the present day life where we meet the old casts including “Madhavan master” (Nedumudi Venu), his brother “Krishnan” (VijayaRaghavan), “Commissioner” (Siddique), Novelist Manoharan Mangalodayam (Salim Kumar) and Mani Annan’s son Chinnan (Jai) who was only known from Raja during the prequel.

Udayakrishna tried his maximum to spin the scripts catering die hard fans of Mamookka who actually had the excitement to watch this avatar back in big screens. Casting Jagapathi Babu as the liquor baron “VR Nadeshan” also the secretory of Malayala Desham Party haven’t failed. The first half was slow that narrated the situations of the “Thuruth” that the screenplay writer only had an option to get Salim Kumar perform well in screens. After the entry of Raja the films has a takeoff and moves to the political commentary second half but not up to the level of a Shaji Kailas – Renji Panicker movie.

Making the female protagonist hard and tough like “Myna” (Pulimurugan) is continuing here also by creating a dark past for “Vasanthi” (Anusree) and placing sequences for showcasing her agonising expressions and making dogs, the main weapon of dealing any enemy of the brutal antagonist were the only repeating phenomenon seen through out. Anyhow Vyshakh manages the writing flaws through his caliber on elevating sequences and using the frames and the cuts in a better way that the people doesn’t feel any bored feeling out of watching his movie.

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After Odiyan, Shajikumar has done a great job on making each shot beautiful and the DI works was good. The CGI works sometimes seemed highlighted during the first chasing sequences and towards the slow-mo shots of the climax. Overall the film had offered a visual treat.


Mixing was perfect. The only flaw noticed was when Raja crying upon the island shore towards the climax looking something that no one ever wish to see. Bgms were prominent on that shot.

Music and Background Scores

Gopi Sundar had done his maximum out that he tried to retaining the original theme song of “PokkiriRaja” by late musician Rajamani with an addition of electronic programming.

The wedding song was also good. The item song kept its standards on maintaining the quality of lyrics, sounding and texture and he had won on selecting the singer for the song which actually maintained the ambience perfectly.


After Odiyan – the Mohanlal starer movie, Petier Hein had done a decent job for Raja. The chasing sequences as well as the action sequences were crafted well and no flaws or faults were experienced at the theatres.

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For someone who had turned 60 plus, cant even imagine to do stunts like hell !!! The movie shows the energy of the mega star and this is the main reason that make audiences to watch the movie. Unlike “PokkiriRaja”, the “ English” comedies had perfect timing. Also, he had a great screen presence throughout the action sequences. The movie marks the come back of Salim Kumar, as no one would expect him to have such counters used in serious action sequences too. His comedy timing is perfectly used by the co stars and the crew and  along with Aju Varghese (as Sulu) and Bijukuttan (as Vasu) he makes us burst into laughter.

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Performance wise, this time, Anusree make us remember “Bhanumathi” – not upto the level of Manju Warrier any how. The chemistry between Mahima Nambiar and Jai was utilised to the maximum on the screen especially towards the climax sequences. Anna Reshma Rajan, Shamna Kasim, Kailash, Vinaya Prasad had done their roles perfectly. Sunny Leone’s performance was good.

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Overall Verdict

This movie is made for fans and family. Definitely a watchable movie. Grab your tickets as a normal audience. Don’t expect brilliances through out the film as This film has been made only for entertainment purpose. Overall this movie is much better than PokkiriRaja but we would miss Prithviraj.


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