Malayalam Industry Now Ready For A ‘Nonsense’ Ride

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Malayalam cinema now witnesses newer plots, newer modes on cinematic experiences and new format cinemas. This revolution had started from Traffic of Rajesh Pillai and now had reached till Non-sense of MC Jithin.

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Nonsense of MC Jithin is touted to be the first BMX race cinematic experience in India staring Rinosh George of “Break free” and “Im Mallu” fame along with Febia V Mathew, Sruthi Ramachandran, Vinay Fort, Kalabhavan Shajon, Lalu Alex, Shantha Kumari and with some new comers.

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The movie is being produced under the Johny Sagarigas after the movie Body Gard featuring the unexplored area in cycling and stunt riding.

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What is bmx??

Bicycle motocross or bike motocross, is a cycle sport performed on BMX bikes, primarily began during the early 70s in the United States inspired by the motor cross stars of the time by the children under 18. In India; we could find this cycle sport in the North Eastern states,Varanasi, Chandigarh, Mumbai with more enthusiastic riders with lack of governmental support.

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About the film

Nonsense is a comedy drama movie which says the story of a plus two student who aspire to become a BMX stunt pro; and his struggles which he faces from his teachers. Rinosh George and Febia V Mathew does the lead role in the movie supported by Sruthi Ramachandran, Kalabhavan Shajon, Vinayfort, Lalu Alex, Shantha Kumari with some newcomers.

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Reasons to watch Nonsense

Primarily the director MC Jithin ‘s first short film Mallus which was released during 2011 was a promising and realistic one.

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And if we check his other short movies like “The Loud Truth”, “Water” (both released during 2012) “A Friday” (which was a dedication to the entire team of 2011 released movie Traffic) – uploaded on YouTube during 2014 gives us expectations on Nonsense.

Teasers and trailers are the essence of a movie. Hopefully the two teasers released so far gives us an impression and an idea about how the movie had made.

The songs are by Rinosh George himself and the lyrics penned by Vinayak Sasikumar.

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Speaking about the crew; editing of the movie is handled by State Award Winners Appu N Bhattathiri ,and beautifully visualized by Alex J Pulickal, Scripted by MC Jithin, Libin TB and Mohammed Shafeek.

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Lets check out the trailer of this 2 hours 27 min movie:


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