Is Freak Penne a Copied Song??

A single track ; thousands of trolls and dislikes! Malayalam movie Industry is now witnessing a new mark on marketing crossing a major milestone with “Freak Penne “ from the most awaited movie of Omar Lulu – Oru Adar Love starring the most sensational Priya P Warrier, Roshan Abdul Rahoof, Noorin has cross about more than 10 million views in YouTube with dislikes reaching 1M.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-29 at 10.53.02 PM.jpeg

Unlike the first song and the teasers from the movie which ruled the YouTube over months ; and the second song which had the duration only about a minute this particular upbeat song got a massive negative response all over the social media.

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The song was penned by 23 year old Sathyajith ; composed by Shaan Rahman and sung by Sathyajith and Neethu Naduvathettu. Lets have a cross check over this video as well as the song!

The Video

The song sequence features the major actors of the movie led by Priya Prakash Varrier, Roshan Abdul and Noorin Shereef with modern outfits and featuring them dancing zestfully. This colorful video has 3 minute25 second duration which was trolled by the trollers across the state . It has been stated that because of Priya that people are hitting dislikes and massively trolled in the comments on the YouTube page. While some users commented on the nonsense lyrics, there were others who trolled Priya Prakash Varrier and even compared her to Dhinchak Pooja. What is striking is the number of dislikes is more than the likes – 348k dislikes as opposed to 52k likes. In 10 hours.

The Song

Title: Freak penne
Duration: 3 min 25 seconds
Music Director: Shaan Rahman
Singers: Neethu Naduvathettu, Sathyajith
Label: Muzik247

About the Lyrics: It doesn’t make any sense but still marks as a trend setting item. Previously we Malayalies had also appreciated Scene Contra -from Premam, penned by Shabarish Varma, which was also a trend setter then. The popularly used English words with Kochin slang comforts and is matching with the visuals

About the Music: Programming is quite normal with beats on Free kicks combining the African drum and electronic keys handled in a normal way which makes the listener fall for this song. But I wonder if the tune of the title Edi Penne Freak Penne in the pallavi seems a bit similar to the tune from the album called Komali released under the same music label a year ago.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-30 at 12.23.50 AM.jpeg

Check this out

Also the entire song structure resembles Nonsense movie fame Rinosh George’s Break free.

So, been hearing that there are all together 10 music tracks in the album. Let’s wait and see how the rest are.


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