Sunday Holiday

Saw the movie called “Sunday Holiday”… I got the DVD from my regular supermarket a few days ago and finally got the chance to watch 🙂

The movie was directed by Jis Joy with story written by Kiran V S & Urasu featuring a cast consisting of but not limited to Asif Ali, Aparna Balamurali, Sreenivasan, Siddique, Dharmajan, Asha Sharath, Lal Jose, Alancier, Bhagath Manuel and Sudheer Karanama and K.P.A.C. Lalitha… The music for this film was done by popular music director Deepak Dev and the cinematography was done by Alex J Pullikkal… Editor for the film was Ratheesh Raj and the film was released by Maqtro Pictures in July 2017…


The film is basically about a story narrated by an aspiring screenplay writer and college professor Unni Mukundan, played by Sreenivasan to a famous film director David Paul, played by Lal Jose… The film starts with Unni struggling to get into films and then finally gets an information about David being in a hospital and so goes and meets him there and narrates his story… Then the film takes us thru that story, which involves a journey thru the life of Amal, played by Asif Ali, whose relationship with his childhood playmate and lover ended unexpectedly and then moves to Ernalukam on a job to stay away from the entire chaos following the break up including but not limited to her wedding… The movie then goes on to show how Amal deals with his sorrows and makes new friends and turns his life around…


It is a well known fact that the toughest part of a writers career is to convince a director and producer to believe in their story… Also, people who are passionate about pursuing any artform won’t be satisfied with anything else in their lives… This is portrayed at the beginning of the film where we see Unni who even though has a comfortable and respectable job of being a College Professor, still being desperate enough to go meet the director David when he gets the news that David has been admitted to a hospital… At the same time, we get reminded of the predicament of the directors and producers who get bombarded with requests to listen to stories by so many people in even the most unexpected circumstances where the last thing you would expect to do is to meet another aspiring writer and listen to his/her story…

Now, coming to the story narrated by Unni, it starts with Amal rushing Anu, played by Aparna Balamurali to a hospital and as he waits in the hall, he remembers the old days and the film cuts back to the point when he gets ready to leave for Ernakulam post the breakup with his childhood playmate and lover Sithara, played by Shruthi Ramachandran… The reason for the breakup is not shown but there is a scene which confirms that when the proposal for the wedding of Sithara came, she didn’t raise any objections and gave the go-ahead… So, its upto us to imagine the circumstances of the breakup although the film is hinting at a classic case of girl ditching the poor guy for a “better” guy…

After a bit of flashback on the happy times of the relationship thru a song sequence, the film then goes on to show Amal settling in to his job in Ernakulam staying with roommates and then meets Anu, first mistaking her to be a high ranking police officer’s daughter but later to discover that she works in the same field of door-to-door sales and ends up befriending and partnering with her going on sales rounds together… Then the film goes on thru a series of events with Amal and Anu that culminates to the present where she was rushed to the hospital… The film ends with a climax that I think is a perfect reply to those who ditch their lovers and is something which I think everyone who is/was in a relationship and especially those who have gone thru and are going thru a breakup must definitely see…

Now coming to what I felt regarding this movie, overall, I think its a decent feel good movie with an easy listening story where each character seems to reflect on real life characters… In other words, there is no difficulty believing that the characters portrayed are like down to Earth real people that you would find around you on a daily basis… The comedies by Sreenivasan and Dharmajan each had me laughing quite a lot even though limited in the film.. I think this is the best performance by Asif Ali that I have ever seen so far and Aparna Balamurali appeared to match him perfectly… The music by Deepak Dev really does justice to the film and I found the songs enjoyable…

The only thing that I didn’t quite understand in the storyline is the relevance of the part where Anu gets assaulted and gets rescued and taken to hospital by Amal… If its the classic cliche of girl falling for the hero who rescued her, thats not shown in the movie… So, I can’t understand the relevance and hence felt like the assault scene don’t belong to the story and were plugged in later for some socio-political reason…  Anyways, overall a realistic and nice entertainer movie thats worth watching and like I said before, if you are or have been in a relationship and/or if you are or have been thru a break up, you must watch this movie… 🙂

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