Star Trek Beyond

I just happened to see the Star Trek Beyond movie thanks to my Amazon Prime subscription… Star Trek beyond is the 13th movie from the Star Trek franchise and the 3rd one since the reboot in 2009… The film paid tribute to the actors Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin who died months before the movie’s release… This particular movie, just like the previous two since the reboot, has Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto reappraising their roles as Captain Kirk and Spock along with the rest of the main cast from the previous films reappraising their roles as well… The film was released in July 2016 and from what I have heard, is quite well received but not as much as the creators had hoped for and the reason for that has been attributed to the release timing coinciding with other big production films from other franchises making it a crowded market at the time…

Without revealing too many spoilers for those who still haven’t watched the film, the plot is essentially very similar to how Star Trek has always been… That is the Enterprise goes into a mission, encounters bad aliens, the crew ends up winning but barely survives and all’s well that ends well… 😀 In this particular story, Captain Kirk ends up face to face with an evil dictator called Krall (played by Idris Elba) who ends up leaving the Enterprise pretty much destroyed and it crash lands into the nearby planet, which also contains Krall’s base and survivors of other ships that Krall has destroyed… The story then goes on to reveal Krall’s real motive along with who exactly he really is, followed by how Captain Kirk and surviving crew teams with Jaylah (played by Sofia boutella), who had previously escaped from Krall’s base to finally end up rescuing those who were captured by Krall and in the end defeating Krall himself… The enterprise sadly does get destroyed in this movie but clearly that’s not an excuse… 🙂

Regarding how I felt regarding the movie, first of all even though I didn’t want to mention any spoilers, the final battle against the enemy ships attacking the federation base involved a weaponisation of rock music which I found to be quite hilarious… I mean as a musician myself, I know Rock n Roll can be quite powerful but never did I ever expect it to be able to destroy a whole swarm of alien ships together 🙂 A big surprise was the revelation of the character Hikaro Sulu to be gay which I heard is a tribute paid by Simon Pegg, the screenwriter for this film, to the actor George Takei who originally played the character in the original series and the movies before the reboot…

Other than that of-course, as I mentioned earlier, the film is just like any other Star Trek movie from before with better VFX (I do wish they did tone it down a bit so that it doesn’t feel weird to see Star Trek Next Generation/DS9/Voyager after watching this)… 🙂 The tribute to Leonard Nimoy was included as part of the content itself where there is a scene where present day Spock gets informed about the death of Ambassador Spock (just watch the reboot 2009 Star Trek movie to know more) and the present day Spock decides to quit Starfleet and continue the work left over by Ambassador Spock on Vulcan, I guess to pivot at the point where Ambassador Spock, in his life had quit Starfleet and went back to Vulcan… Anyways, altogether I would give the movie a 9 out of 10… 🙂

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