Fukri (2017)

Just saw the recent malayalam movie called Fukri, directed by Siddique… I got the dvd recently from the supermarket here and finally got the chance to watch it… What peaked my interest when I first heard about this movie is the rumour that said the director Siddique and Lal are back together for this one… Since I remember the comic masterpieces they created before, I thought of checking it out… But then I heard that its just the director Siddique directing the film with Lal acting in it… Another thing I heard about the film besides the fact that its a Jayasurya starrer film, there is also this other fact that the actor Siddique, for the first time is playing the title role in a film…

Regarding the film itself, the plot did seem quite familiar… Basically (without giving away any spoilers) we have an orphan, played by Jayasurya who amoung all his wits and drama in his life, ends up going to an aristrocratic muslim family’s home pretending to be the long lost grandson of the current head of the family, played by actor Siddique and ends up in between some serious family feud… The story then basically revolves around how he uses his wits to survive and then ofcourse like any other movie, there is a love interest involved as well… The way the movie progresses, I would be lying if I say I didn’t get reminded of the old movie Dilliwala Rajakumaran and partially the old movie called Ooty Pattanam and also a recent one called Mylanchi Monjulla Veedu… But then again, I guess being of similar concepts, especially the Dilliwalal Rajakumaran, where there too the protagonist ends up being in the middle of a family feud, it can’t be helped… Afterall, the idea of having a protagonist pretending to be someone else and entering a family is a very common one that can be seen in so many movies…

The comedy elements in the movie are quite enjoyable as the quintessential stuff we expect to see in a Jayasurya starrer is very much present… However, where the film falls short in my opinion is in the ending where I think we are left with a climax which feels incredibly inconclusive… I mean it seems to have been finished off in a hurry, to the point where it makes me suspect if the production ran out of budget and hence had to cut short and wind up… Overall, the movie is an entertainer thats definitely worth watching once 🙂

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