Er ist wieder da


Disclaimer: If you are one of those, who get offended by even the mere mention of the word “Hitler” or the word “Nazi”, then you should move on to reading something else…

Thanks to my Netflix subscription, I got to watch this movie called Er ist wieder da… This is basically a german movie released in 2015… The movie stars Oliver Masucci as Adolf HItler and this is by far the best portrayal of Hitler for two reasons:

  1.  Incredibly good acting that I think deserved the best of awards…
  2. Most of the scenes involving him as Hitler were unscripted…

Basically the film kind of has a similar pattern in its screenplay as Borat… That is, a really good look at modern day Germany from the Nazi perspective of Hitler… Well, basically the plot is that Hitler suddenly wakes up in the 2014… The film doesn’t specify what happened between 1945 and 2014 with him ie, whether he really died and was sent back from hell or was he knocked down and was lying there in the site of the fuhrer-bunker all this time… However, the smoke and burn leaves at the spot where he wakes up seems to suggest the former than the latter…

Anyways, the film further goes on show how he is suddenly in a state of shock to see the modern day Germany and its people of the facebook/youtube generation and makes Nazi interpretations of each and everything he sees and finally decides that he needs to come back to power and goes on the journey to find it… The only problem however is that the people see him as a comedian which he decides to use to his advantage by using the television station which he stumbles upon as he rediscovers Germany…

As the film progresses we see that history is pretty much repeating itself with Hitler as people move from first finding him to be funny and/or offensive at first to eventually finding him fascinating to finally being his followers, which in retrospect is exactly how Hitler became the head of the Nazi party and ultimately rose to power to become the fuhrer… There is even a scene where he overthrows the current chairman of what remains of his old party to I guess make sure to drive home that point 🙂

Overall, this is an incredibly funny movie that had me laughing so hard that I almost fell off my chair… The movie feels as if it is a combination of Borat and the former sitcom called $#*! My Dad Says, with some Der Unterdang and Rise of Evil references thrown in there for good measure… However, one might also wonder if this film is a cautionary tale on how easily it is possible for somebody to evoke xenophobia and racism and use the propaganda to come into power in this so called enlightened post-modern world… Well, considering some of the people we have as world leaders right now, well, I wouldn’t rule it out so soon… 🙂

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