Desi 4Chord Medley – I Wonder If…

Recently this particular music video started showing up in my recommended list in YouTube… Apparently its from the upcoming album by Penn Masala, which is an a cappela group that I am already familiar thru their album called On Detours… I find their fusion mixes to be incredibly good to listen to…

The one I am talking about now is called Desi 4Chord Medley and its basically a medley out of a number of popular Bollywood and American Pop songs that use the same four chords namely C, G, Am and F essentially presenting the idea that music is capable of uniting cultures from the opposite side of the world…

Although I understand and respect the ideology behind it, quite frankly I found this to be quite hilarious and enjoyable at the same time as considering how here in India we have popular composers who are known and proud of the fact that they copy ideas from songs of other composers, so this kind of made me think – isn’t this probably the best way anybody has called such composers out??? 😛 I mean the tunes are so similar that its really hard to wonder if so and so song was created by referring to / copying from so and so and so on… 🙂 Anyways, do check it out and see for yourself what I am talking about 😀

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