Going back to Douthyam Movie

After a long time, got reminded of this old movie called Douthyam and watched it thanks to YouTube… The poster said “A New Dimension in Action”, which I think considering how Malayalam movies were or even Indian movies were in general, is a true statement… The plot is pretty much simple… An army aircraft crashes somewhere in the jungle and the protagonist played by actor Mohanlal is sought to rescue the pilot and the officer who was travelling in the aircraft… The rescue effort however becomes more complicated as the protagonist runs into a smuggling group (I guess designed to resemble the African diamond mafia), but in the end, as always, the hero does emerge victorious… Then there is of-course this whole backstory to it that serves the purpose of giving it the mandated drama that the movies of the time was expected to have…

I heard that the movie is based on the famous Rambo series of movies from Hollywood and the action sequences especially the parts showing the protagonist navigating himself thru the various terrain did remind me of Rambo for sure and I must say that they did manage to match the quality of Rambo in those sequences… However, towards the end there appears to be a little lack of logic where in the beginning they said that the whole area is difficult to traverse for a trained soldier/commando and yet somehow at the end, the female lead characters (civilians) are shown wearing their saree and present at the edge of a river in middle of that jungle with the rescue party waiting for the protagonist to return with the crash victim… Then again, as we say in Malayalam, “Kadhayil choodyam illa” 🙂

Altogether the film still doesn’t fails to entertain after all these years and is a must watch if you haven’t watched it yet… 🙂

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